We are improving life

Across nigeria, We Are United in Our Dedication to better life

our culture

Who we are

Fountain Helpers Initiatives a national, non-governmental organization established in 2016, by a group of individuals, who believes,  giving does not have to be big, to impact life and therefore continue to do the little they can at any particular time to improve the quality of life of underserved individuals in their communities.

Our Story

Fountain Helpers Initiative was founded in 2016 by a group of forward thinking individuals who have the strong desire to give in their own little way. FHI was born out of the love for humanity.

It was officially registered in Lagos, Nigeria by 2016. With 7 Board of Trustees.

The projects of FHI takes off from various humanitarian services and actions. Meeting urgent needs of communities and delivering our care has been the core values. We aim to help vulnerable communities and members of the society.

— Our Mission

We believe that, it is not about the size of the giving, but the impact of the giving, therefore, our mission is to contribute in our own little way to the development of our local, national and international communities.
We aim to bring impactful and life transforming interventions to the under-serve citizens and communities through our front line work for survival, quality health and education for children, women and youth.

— Our Vision

To bring hope for a brighter future to as many people as possible in our communities, irrespective of race, religious belief or social status.

Who We Are

Objectively working to build a world where everyone is taken account of

  • Advocate, support, and work to see every child irrespective of status, religion or ethnicity attain the minimum basic formal education in our society.
  • Continuously create awareness on public health issues, advocate for access to primary health centers in all local communities.
  • Empowering individuals in our communities for sustainable livelihood